Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 191

Well, today was not the best of days but not entirely the worst either.  There were moments of brilliance as my old choir director used to say.  There were also moments of complete failure but them's the breaks.  We apologized, forgave and hugged and carried on. Sometimes it's just the best we can do.  We also baked a chocolate cake and I actually managed to give up more of the control and used it to teach reading and measurements. This was one of the moments of brilliance.

Another moment of brilliance was having Claire and Holly drop in on us.  The kids played in the pool and splashed about.  I enjoyed adult talk while the kids did what they do best!

And this evening I enjoyed a walk with Jennie down at Victoria Park.  It was  lovely to chat and make some plans for the summer together.  The kids are going to be so excited to spend time with their Jennie again!

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Mary E said...

Moments of brilliance - I remember that!