Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 194

Well, that was some kind of day.  It began with the kids getting up early which next to never happens and even Levi was squawking to get up.  Sean got him up and Levi came toddling unhappily into our room and I looked over at him and wondered what in the world was wrong with his pant leg.  Turns out his diaper was riding around in the bottom of the pant leg and promptly fell out.

After breakfast Levi decided he hadn't quite had his fill. While everyone else had left the table he climbed up on a chair and shoved his little arm as far into the box of corn flakes as it would go. I turned around just in time to watch him throw his fistful of flakes into the air.

Levi then decided he would begin the morning exercises.  This included running from the hallway to the kitchen while yelling, "AHHHHHHHH" and then banging his belly into the kitchen cupboards.  He would then turn around and yell his way back to the hallway and push his back into the wall.  Sean and Nate thought this was hilarious and joined him in this adventure. Levi would lead and the other two followed running and yelling in the same pitch right along with him...It was impressive.  Once Levi tired of this it was time to lie down and smoosh his face into the floor then quickly get up and start jumping and repeat ad nauseam.  The boys again got right in on the action.

After the morning calisthenics it was time for crafting apparently.  Levi sought out the ice cream container filled with beads and dumped the entire contents on the kitchen floor.  I helped sweep while the kids picked up as many as they could.  We were barely done that when I had the kids get their shoes on since their ride to VBS would soon be here.  I looked around the kitchen and realized I had laundry to be done, a sink full of dishes and odds and tends to pick up.  So I start mumbling out loud to no one in particular and all of a sudden I hear a cheery, "Hello!" And there is my good friend Jackie ready to take the kids to VBS. She looks at me and says, "Well, you look a little frazzled."  Yep, frazzled with a tinge of embarrassment for good measure. I managed to give Jackie the condensed version of the morning and we both had a good laugh.

The rest of the morning went much smoother and Levi and I enjoyed visits with Denise and Ben as well as my good friend Laura.  It was lovely to sit and chat with such lovely friends.  After they left I managed to get my laundry on the line before the kids came back.  And we invited Jackie and her kiddos to stay for lunch.  We spent a lovely afternoon catching up and making plans for get togethers while they're on the Island.

This evening after supper Nate and I went on our date down at the waterfront.  It was a lovely evening to sit and look at the boats and enjoy a warm summer evening.

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