Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 198

What a week.  The kids had a blast at VBS.  And I enjoyed getting to see their closing programs. Sean won first place in the older group and Emma-Lyn came in third.  Nate didn't place but did a great job.  They all did and were very enthusiastic about their time at VBS.  I love the craft they did.
Emma-Lyn's is the pink one and signifying spring time, Nate's is the green one and it's summer and Sean's is autumn.

In the afternoon we went to Charlottetown for a little playdate and that may have been the beginning of our undoing.  The kids were pretty spent and I have to admit I was pretty tired.  And I feel bad for our host and her children since we were not firing on all cylinders.

When we were half way home we got the call that we had left Levi's sookie book at Rachel's house. Ugh...If weren't so very important to Levi and his ability to fall asleep quickly I would have left it.  But back we went and the trip home was less than wonderful.  There was fussing and whining and just general unhappiness.  We were all fairly cranky at supper time and bedtime was a welcome relief. I had hoped to go out tonight to chat with my girl friends but I just couldn't convince myself to get back into that car.

Instead, I'm going to stay put, get comfy on the couch and watch The Count of Monte Cristo.

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