Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 202

What a fun morning!  The kids and I went to the Butterfly House in New Glasgow with some of our homeschool group.  The kids were enthralled with the butterflies and loved carrying them around on pieces of orange.  We also enjoyed a lovely walk along the Garden of Hope. 

This afternoon was also fun as Deda and Baba dropped in for a visit and then we met Henk and Linda at Pizza Delight for supper.

Now for lots of pictures of butterflies and things!

 So many gorgeous colours

 Levi loved the birds.
 Mr.Ben waxing philosophical with his butterfly.

 Mr. Sammy delighting in his fine winged friend.

 At one point Nate was hopeful to get ten butterflies to land on him at once.  His record was two.

 I love the bright orange!

 Emma-Lyn loved looking at the butterflies up close.

 Such a cool butterfly with nearly transparent wings.

 Such a beautiful blue.

 A butterfly drying it's wings after emerging from it's chrysalis. 

  Cool hanging orb.

A wild rose along one of the paths in the garden.

Emma-Lyn desperately wanted to pick one of the  flowers since they were just so beautiful!

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