Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 211

 It was a bit of a crazy full day.  This morning Nate went on his date with Grammie Peric while the others came with me to clean the chapel.  We came home prepared some sandwich stuff and scrambled back into the car to head to Charlottetown.  We stopped at three different bookstores before heading to the West Royalty Sobeys to meet up with Jennie.

We grabbed Jennie and headed to our main destination: Brackley Beach!!  It was a beautiful day and the beach was pretty near packed.  The kids loved jumping in the waves and having a picnic on the beach. By 4:30 Levi had had his fill so we packed up and headed back to Charlottetown.  I was about to drop Jennie off when I got the bright idea we should visit Owl's Hollow and then Value Village.  It was great to see the new and improved Owl's Hollow and we always enjoy a visit to VV.  That being said I think we over did it.  Poor Levi fussed most of the way home.  It wasn't until we pulled out the Raffi CD and sang along that he calmed down.

I am so tired...I think I'll get this posted and just go to bed...

 Mr. Levi and the beautiful bright red pail that was lent to him.

He loved playing in the waves with Jennie!!

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