Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 243

Today was my birthday!!  It was a rather low key day. My folks called and sang Happy Birthday which is always a great start to the day.  And then I was just doing the usual Monday things with stripping the beds, hanging laundry on the line, made some laundry detergent and enjoyed a cafe mocha latte on the deck. 

Then my most amazing friend Claire and her lovely daughter Holly popped in.  And she brought butter chicken!!  And not just any ordinary butter chicken but butter chicken fresh from the Juice Box. (Just rereading that sentence and realizing how weird that must sound..the Juice Box is a great little cafe here in Montague)  And it was ever so yummy!!  And she brought me my very own mini colouring book.  And it is ever so addictive.

After they left Sean and I worked on baking my birthday cake.  Sean got out the ingredients and I dumped them in the bowl, mixed it up, put it in the pan and threw it in the oven.  Once it was baked, I pulled out the wire rack and put it and the cake on the kitchen table.  This was a mistake... I then went back upstairs to put sheets back on beds and take a little rest myself.  The kids all came up with me and we chatted and what not until Nate realized that Levi wasn't with us.  Levi had found the cake and decided to take on the task of quality control and helped himself to part of the cake. Nate came scrambling back up the stairs to report and we all went back down to find this:

Somehow Sean was able to frost most of what was left of the cake and we all enjoyed a piece except for Levi, he got to go to bed. 

We had just got the kids to bed and we were settled in the living room when the thunder storm started.  Marko tried to get the kids to stay in bed but they were kinda wired for sound with all the lightning and thunder. We invited them to come down stairs with their blankets and pillows and they camped out on the floor while Marko and I sat on the couch in the darkness to watch the light show. Great finish to a lovely day.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 242

 My, what a day!  We got a late start but enjoyed a lovely time at church.  I missed Sean reading Psalm 136 which Marko had him do for a surprise for me. But I asked Sean to read it to me later that afternoon. I am so proud of my hubby and his preaching. A very convicting message that reminded us that God's mercy endures forever! So thankful!

After church Grammie Peric came and watched the kiddos while Marko and I went out for lunch in honour of my birthday tomorrow.  We had hoped to eat at the Juice Box but they were just closing up when we got there.  So we decided to run down to the Station Cafe instead.  We both enjoyed our bacon chicken burgers and potato salad.  After our lunch we went to the Superstore to pick up a yummy chocolate truffle cake.  I was expecting that once Auntie Linda and Uncle Henk arrived we'd have cake and ice cream and enjoy some time together.

However, when we arrived home something was definitely up.  Emma-Lyn met me at my car door and even opened it for me. When we walked in the kitchen it was decorated with balloons and streamers.  Emma-Lyn grabbed my hand and dragged me to the living room giggling all the way. And then my wonderful friend Denise, her mom, her kids and my kids all jumped out of their hiding places shouting, "SURPRISE!!"  I screamed!!  It was so wonderful, funny and scary all at the same time! We had presents time and then it was coffee time out on the deck.  Linda and Henk soon arrived and we enjoyed the chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.   It would seem that Sean was the mastermind behind this surprise party.  He called people up and invited them over for cake this afternoon.  So impressed with the thoughtfulness of this young man!

Once all our guests had left we decided that this evening was a grand evening to have supper on the beach.  We packed up some roast beef sandwiches, grapes and cookies and headed over to Panmure for a relaxing evening together.

Not sure what all we'll actually end up doing for my birthday tomorrow but I do believe it will involve baking a cake.

 Frisbee at the beach.

Gorgeous sunset.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day 241

Today was the perfect day to head don to the Dundas Plowing Match.  We got there a little before 11 and enjoyed wandering through the barns checking out all the different animals.  We also looked into the 4-H exhibit area and looked over all the different projects members had worked on.

We found our friends Janet and her girls and spent the rest of the day together.  There were multiple pony rides, a wagon ride, multiple fair rides, music and walking. Lots and lots of walking.  It was great to see and visit with other friends as well.  Our favourite bit of fun was watching the pig scramble.  They let young children come into the pen and attempt to coral the little wiggly piggies into their little house.

Afterwards we all walked down to the waterfront to check out the big barbeque event that was going on there.  Unfortunately we were a little late and not much food was left.  We did manage to grab some hot dogs and enjoy some of the live entertainment before heading over to Sobeys in search of quick easy supper ideas.  We grabbed some subs and headed home.  Now the kids are in bed and I'm going to finish my hot lemon drink, read a little bit and then hit the hay 'cause I am tired!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 240

 It was a great day to head down to the waterfront and take in the live performance art.  The highlight today was that ALL the kiddos got a chance to paint!  And I have to say I was surprised at just how much Sean enjoyed it.  He worked at it for an hour and a half!

 David Trimble is an incredible artist and he was so good with the children, showing them how to mix colours and make different effects with the brushes.

 He even held Levi and guided his little hand!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 239

It's a Lego loving kind of day today.  Gonna take it easy today. It's grey and kinda chilly out so I'm going to tackle some more bathroom this afternoon and the kiddos will have movie time with popcorn and hot chocolate.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 238

 And here I present to you our unsightly hole:

 Thankful for Marko's uncle Brian who is helping us fix this.  Now we just need to decide what kind of light fixture and mirror to put up and we'll be all set.

 I have to say that I am not sad to see this go.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 237

Such a gorgeous day to have friends over.  As Levi and I admired our little friends' handiwork it made me think how each of our friends come and go and leave their own beautiful mark on our hearts.  And for that I am truly thankful!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 236

 It has been a get things done kinda day. I transplanted some hostas and organized the garage.  Then it was time to finally tackle our very ugly bathroom.

 This was the hideous wall paper that once adorned the bathroom walls. 

 And three years ago I pulled down the wallpaper to reveal this monstrosity:

 And we have lived like this for three whole years and I've had enough. Time to take the bull by the horns and get things done.

 Today I pulled up the floor boards and pulled off any remaining wallpaper on one wall.  I also peeked behind that medicine cabinet and would you believe there is just a big ol' rectangular hole behind it?!!

I would like to paint the walls a lovely light grey/blue colour.  Very much like you would see here.  So if you're wondering what to get me for my birthday, a big can of nimbus gray Benjamin Moore paint would be lovely! :)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 235

 It was a great afternoon for a bike ride with the fam jam! So glad that Marko was able to fix my bike and the kids and I can all go biking when we want to.

 Me and my super cute passenger.

Ominous looking clouds as we headed home.  

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 234

This is this evening creative project.  Drew the lines, grabbed 6 tubes of paint and a die.  Rolled the die and then used the corresponding paint colour on the painting and voila. Not the most amazing thing in the history of art but still fun.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 233

Today was Gold Cup and Saucer Parade Day!!  It was an early start for the kiddos and I. We were up and at 'em and out the door by 8:30. We met up with some other homeschooling families in front of the Starbucks to stake our claim to a spot to watch the parade.  The kids had a blast!  Afterwards we walked back to the park for our picnic lunch before running errands around Charlottetown.

We made stops at the Canadian Tire, Michaels, Walmart and the Dollarama.  By the time we hit the Dollarama poor little Levi was all in but his shoelaces. He wanted to be held and fell asleep in my arms as we wandered up and down the aisles.  We got our few things and made a dash to get out of Charlottetown which became a bit a thing since, unbeknownst to us a full tanker truck had tipped over that morning on the bypass and they were working on cleaning it up. So we were rerouted off the bypass and then I tried another side street only to find another blockade.  I thanked the poor police officer who had been at work since seven the day before and had the unfortunate job of standing in the heat and turning cars around.  He redirected us to an open street and we were thankfully on our way.

It was time to hit the beach.  We tried Point Prim but the tide was in so a no go.  Then we tried Pinette Provincial Park and it was pretty depressing so we tried the Stewart Point beach and it was okay.  The kids played in the waves and cooled off for a bit. It was getting late so we headed home.  For supper we enjoyed some tasty pizza from Famous Peppers. The kiddos and I enjoyed a little bonfire this evening while Marko headed out for games night with the guys.

We all kinda marveled at this...could not quite figure out why it was in the parade but the kids loved it.

 Always love the pipe bands.

 And this was the all time favourite part of the parade. The dinosaur head. FUN!

And the beach.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 232

A little story for you. I call it If a Mom Thinks of a Job to Do.

If a mom thinks of a job to do, she'll grab her coffee and take a sip and while she sips she'll look outside and see that the sticks around the firepit need to be picked up.

She'll slip on her sandals and head out to clean up.  As she starts to straighten up the sticks, she'll notice that there are larger pieces of wood that could be chopped up so she'll stop what she's doing and grab the saw.

As she cuts the various logs into more usable pieces she'll notice all the old leaves lying about. So she'll stop what she's doing and grab the rake.

As she rakes the leaves the kids will come out and see the pile of sticks and find appropriate sized containers to put them in. The kids and mom put the sticks and large logs in the containers.

The mom will then turn around and notice the unsightly vegetation growing along the back fence and employ one of her youngsters with the job of cutting it down.

While the mom oversees the chopping of the vegetation she will go back raking up the leaves and other debris along the side of the garage.  The mom will be doing this of course, on one of the hottest days of the year in the direct sunlight.

Once the vegetation and debris are scooped up and put in the brown bag, the mom will grab the lawn furniture and rearrange it around the fire pit.  She will then think of how nice it would be to put up decorations on the side of the garage to make the space more homey.  As she thinks of this, she'll make a mental list of pros and cons of walking to the store to purchase these pieces. While going through this list she'll get a whiff of her toddler as he walks by.

She'll scoop him up and take him inside to change him.  On her way she'll remember there are only wipes upstairs.  As she clears the top stair she will remember that there is only one diaper left and it's downstairs...she will mutter something under her breath.

While diapering the toddler she will hear her husband come home and realize that she still doesn't have the potatoes on or the steaks on the grill for supper.  She hopes her husband likes her handiwork around the backyard and won't notice that supper isn't ready.  Thankfully he does like it and fires up the grill.

Supper being finished they decide to go to Gillis' for chocolate milkshakes and onion rings. And it is here that you are guaranteed that the mom will get to feel like a kid again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 231

Another day of VBS for the kiddos and I worked on getting our school stuff organized. In the afternoon we made some paper airplane launchers and launched some planes in the backyard in honour of national aviation day.  And the kids and I are hitting the beach after supper.

 Two super cuties playing around.

 Such a goof!

 Playing with our planes.  Love his look of concentration.

 He closed his eyes every time!

 So thrilled when it took off.

 A natural!

 And of course Sean is not satisfied with just the deck so he has to take it up a notch and fly his plane from the tree.
And even mommy got to play!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 230

 Man, this weather!  It is HOT on the Island.  And I'm not complaining.  Thankfully I have wonderful friends who post pictures of snowbanks from February to keep me in check!

After VBS this morning we had lunch, some quiet time and then we packed up and went to the beach.  It was heavenly!

Here are my last shots from Louisbourg.  Focusing on the people of the fortress town.

 A farmer and his geese atop a fence.

 A happy officer.
 Another farmer walking with his goats.

 These two servants were having a very hard time figuring out how to knit a pair of socks and were looking for help from the servant of the house we were visiting.

 The spectacle of the public punishment. The criminal was a thief and his sentence was to stand in the iron collar for two hours a day for three days.  After questioning him a bit further they lessened the sentence and had him tell fairy tales to the visiting children at the theatre.

 A past time for a well to do lady: making lace.

Cannoneers and a soldier at the final blast of the day.

Archaeologists hard at work digging up more of the town.  It is said they have only reconstructed five percent of the town thus far.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 229

The kids and I walked down to the curling club for VBS this morning.  The kids were so excited. Once they were dropped off Levi and I came home and I tidied up while he played.  Soon he was down for a nap and I had some quiet time.  Just me, my coffee, the sunshine on the deck and my book.  It was heavenly. We picked the kids up at lunch time and the afternoon was spent playing in the pool. Tomorrow afternoon I think we'll hit the beach.

Now for some more shots from Louisbourg.

 This is from the chapel in the King's Bastion. General Jean-Baptiste-Louis Le Prévost Duquesnel is buried under the floor boards.

 This was one of the officer's quarters.

 One of the rooms that the Governor would have entertained in.

 The soldiers barracks.  The men were assigned three to a bed.  Thankfully, not all three would be in there at one time. Most likely two at a time while the other one was on patrol.
 Looking down the main road.

 The Engineer's house.  This was the most beautiful house in Louisbourg.  Many a soiree was held here.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 228

 And it is home again, home again, jiggety jig.  We had such an amazing vacation right from start to finish. And yet it was so very good to come back home again.  I was missing my sweet little munchkins!  And tomorrow morning they start another week of VBS. 

And now for several shots from our walk along the lighthouse trail.  I had a hard time just picking out a few.  I wish we had had more time to explore and just sit and listen to the waves pound the rocky shore.
 The lighthouse.

 Captain Explorer.
 I LOVE this place!

 Rocky, rugged coastline.
 Off into the woods we go.  Up until this point the trail was nicely groomed gravel.  I love the more rugged trails where you need to pick your steps and really get a feel for the space around you.

 Just so beautiful!

 And amongst all this ruggedness a beautifully delicate wild rose.

 Waves crashing.