Saturday, August 01, 2015

Day 213

What a gorgeous day for a visit from my folks.  The kids had a great time walking Trooper with Auntie Karina while Marko and I chatted with my folks.  Poor Levi is a bit under the weather though and was quite clingy and sad most of the visit.  Hopefully the little guy will be feeling better in the morning.

After my folks left we thought about going to the beach but that sounded like too much work so we stayed home and the kids had a blast in the pool.  We had bbq for supper and ate on the deck. After supper it was time for a bonfire and some S'mores. And in the semi darkness as the fire died down to glowing embers the kids and I played American Ninja Warrior.  The kids were the contestants and I was their announcer.  What a Hoot!!

Such a great day, it was relaxing and fun and everything a warm summer day ought to be.

 This little guy gets some pretty good air going into the pool!

 Splash down!
 Going in together!

And even daddy got in on the action!

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