Monday, August 03, 2015

Day 215

Such a crazy day.  Levi woke up with a little red rash on the right side of his face as well as some swelling there too.  So after a quick call to 811 we booked an appointment with our doctor.  I was so very glad to get in so quickly. Marko came home from work and we were able to drop the other three children off with our friends the MacGregors. 

Turns out Levi has strep throat.  We got a prescription and headed back to Montague.  Marko went to Sobeys to get the prescription filled.  Unfortunately there isn't any of that type of medication at Sobeys or anywhere on the Island.  Sigh... Thankfully the pharmacy is going to call our doctor in the morning to get an alternate prescription.

We went to the MacGregors and enjoyed a lovely supper and visit. And we may have stayed a wee bit too late as the kids were ever so cranky when we got home...and perhaps I was a bit on the cranky side as well. Time to go to bed.

While I was making phone calls, these two were setting up their sun bathing area...Love how Nate is completely covered up. What a kid!

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