Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Day 216

 It was a mostly quiet day here.  We did get out to the pharmacy and picked up Levi's prescription.  It's not the tastiest thing going so it's a bit of a chore to get it in him.  This evening there may have been some Smartie bribery...Thank you Mary for that suggestion!  Levi was much more himself this evening, chatting away and laughing.  We made a trip to the library and the kids played in the pool.  We had the quickest thunderstorm ever this evening which consisted of some rumblings of thunder and a quick downpour of rain.

My amazing hubby has worked diligently on this computer and it's working much better and now I can post some fun shots from the double birthday party we went to on Sunday afternoon.

 I love this idea for "cake"  Who can't resist some tasty watermelon and fruit on a warm summer day! My friend Jo has mad watermelon carving skills!! 

Her son, Mick has also inherited some amazing carving skills and made these beautiful and delicious apple swans.

 This is the master carver enjoying some much deserved grapes.

 This is one spider I do enjoy!

One of the birthday girls.  She was just swinging away singing her own sweet little song while staring off into the distance.

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