Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Day 217

 Why does this summer feel like it's just whipping on by?  It feels like the MacGregors just got here and now today we had to say good-bye.  They leave early Friday morning to head back to Quebec. I don't the kids or Jackie or I really wanted to visit to end. The kids wanted to keep playing and Jackie and I kept coming up with topics we just needed to chat about. So tough to say good bye, but we have plans to write and plans to call all marked down on the calendar so we don't forget.

To Jackie and family, we'll be thinking and praying for you as you head back and we look forward to your next visit.  God bless you.

 Mr. Man is feeling better.  He still has a rash all over and can become quite irritable by times but overall he is our cheery little imp once again.

 Always fun to take group shots of kids.  I was impressed with how far Rachel's eyebrows can shoot up her forehead.
Also impressive is just how wide Nate can open his mouth!

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