Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 222

What a fun little day!  Got started on some meal prep for the week. I made creamy chicken soup and sausage pasta bake and Sean made a run to Avacados to pick up some veggies.  So helpful to have an older child who likes to run errands for me. I got some laundry on the line while the kids drew quintuple steps on the driveway so they can hone their ninja warrior skills.

Then we were off on a bit of an impromptu play date.  My friend Janet and her girls had discovered a baby woodpecker and are nursing it back to health and invited us to come take a look.  The kids were thrilled to go hunt ants for it to eat.  They enjoyed holding it and seeing a yellow bellied sap sucker up close and personal.  I have to say it was quite the highlight for me too.

I think the kids also enjoyed some cupcake decorating and then eating their gloriously candied creations.  While the kids went out to play and work off some of that sugar, Janet and I drank our coffee, chatted and worked on a puzzle.  Such a great visit.

After supper Sean and I went to Shorty's for some ice cream and a quiet evening at the waterfront. Just love our little dates with each of the kiddos.

 Just so cool to hold onto a woodpecker.

 Creating masterpieces.
 The finished product.

I love this place!

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