Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 225

 What a beautiful day for a road trip!  We said our good-byes and gave many hugs and kisses to the children and then we were off to catch the ferry.  It was so nice to sit together and work on a crossword quietly without interruptions. 

Back on the road we flipped on the news and happened to find out that the Canso Causeway was celebrating it's 60th anniversary today. So as we crossed over to Cape Breton I called out, "Happy Anniversary Canso Causeway!!"  It was pleased, I'm sure.  Kinda disappointed as there wasn't any cake. Nevertheless it was wonderful to travel along the open roads of Cape Breton as the little white clouds scudded across the sky.

We stopped in Sydney for doughnuts at Tims and picked up some books at Value Village. Then we went down to Louisbourg to get settled in at our Bed and Breakfast.  It's a lovely little spot!  I love our little balcony.  We headed back into Sydney for supper and to see Mission Impossible.  Such a fun and cheesy movie.

Tomorrow we're off to explore Fortress Louisbourg for the day and we'll be going to the Playhouse to see the Men of the Deeps.


 Our little Inn.

 Our balcony is the one on the back right corner.  Our view is overlooking the harbour.  It was pretty foggy when we got in so I'm hoping for a better shot of the harbour tomorrow.

 My mission impossible:  Getting Marko to smile at the camera without blinking!

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