Friday, August 14, 2015

Day 226

We enjoyed a wonderful day exploring the fortress. We were very impressed with the knowledge of the interpreters. We walked a lot! I went dancing with the upper class and later a soldier came to protect me while Marko was in the washroom. We had period authentic food for lunch.  We watched them fire cannons and muskets and march around the grounds.  We observed a public punishment and finally we watched them secure the fortress with a final blast of a cannon.

This evening we went out for supper at the Grubstake restaurant. Marko had the Chicken Royale and I had the Supreme Haddock.  Such a big piece of fish!  I couldn't finish it which also meant I couldn't even think about dessert but luckily they let us take our chocolate chip cheesecake home with us.

After supper we enjoyed the evening sunset on our balcony while doing our Bible study.  At quarter to eight we walked over to the Louisbourg Playhouse and were entertained by the Men of the Deeps.

Such a full day.  Looking forward to going on a trail walk and doing some shopping and heading down to Pictou County to spend the night with my folks.

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