Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 229

The kids and I walked down to the curling club for VBS this morning.  The kids were so excited. Once they were dropped off Levi and I came home and I tidied up while he played.  Soon he was down for a nap and I had some quiet time.  Just me, my coffee, the sunshine on the deck and my book.  It was heavenly. We picked the kids up at lunch time and the afternoon was spent playing in the pool. Tomorrow afternoon I think we'll hit the beach.

Now for some more shots from Louisbourg.

 This is from the chapel in the King's Bastion. General Jean-Baptiste-Louis Le Prévost Duquesnel is buried under the floor boards.

 This was one of the officer's quarters.

 One of the rooms that the Governor would have entertained in.

 The soldiers barracks.  The men were assigned three to a bed.  Thankfully, not all three would be in there at one time. Most likely two at a time while the other one was on patrol.
 Looking down the main road.

 The Engineer's house.  This was the most beautiful house in Louisbourg.  Many a soiree was held here.

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