Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 232

A little story for you. I call it If a Mom Thinks of a Job to Do.

If a mom thinks of a job to do, she'll grab her coffee and take a sip and while she sips she'll look outside and see that the sticks around the firepit need to be picked up.

She'll slip on her sandals and head out to clean up.  As she starts to straighten up the sticks, she'll notice that there are larger pieces of wood that could be chopped up so she'll stop what she's doing and grab the saw.

As she cuts the various logs into more usable pieces she'll notice all the old leaves lying about. So she'll stop what she's doing and grab the rake.

As she rakes the leaves the kids will come out and see the pile of sticks and find appropriate sized containers to put them in. The kids and mom put the sticks and large logs in the containers.

The mom will then turn around and notice the unsightly vegetation growing along the back fence and employ one of her youngsters with the job of cutting it down.

While the mom oversees the chopping of the vegetation she will go back raking up the leaves and other debris along the side of the garage.  The mom will be doing this of course, on one of the hottest days of the year in the direct sunlight.

Once the vegetation and debris are scooped up and put in the brown bag, the mom will grab the lawn furniture and rearrange it around the fire pit.  She will then think of how nice it would be to put up decorations on the side of the garage to make the space more homey.  As she thinks of this, she'll make a mental list of pros and cons of walking to the store to purchase these pieces. While going through this list she'll get a whiff of her toddler as he walks by.

She'll scoop him up and take him inside to change him.  On her way she'll remember there are only wipes upstairs.  As she clears the top stair she will remember that there is only one diaper left and it's downstairs...she will mutter something under her breath.

While diapering the toddler she will hear her husband come home and realize that she still doesn't have the potatoes on or the steaks on the grill for supper.  She hopes her husband likes her handiwork around the backyard and won't notice that supper isn't ready.  Thankfully he does like it and fires up the grill.

Supper being finished they decide to go to Gillis' for chocolate milkshakes and onion rings. And it is here that you are guaranteed that the mom will get to feel like a kid again.

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