Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 243

Today was my birthday!!  It was a rather low key day. My folks called and sang Happy Birthday which is always a great start to the day.  And then I was just doing the usual Monday things with stripping the beds, hanging laundry on the line, made some laundry detergent and enjoyed a cafe mocha latte on the deck. 

Then my most amazing friend Claire and her lovely daughter Holly popped in.  And she brought butter chicken!!  And not just any ordinary butter chicken but butter chicken fresh from the Juice Box. (Just rereading that sentence and realizing how weird that must sound..the Juice Box is a great little cafe here in Montague)  And it was ever so yummy!!  And she brought me my very own mini colouring book.  And it is ever so addictive.

After they left Sean and I worked on baking my birthday cake.  Sean got out the ingredients and I dumped them in the bowl, mixed it up, put it in the pan and threw it in the oven.  Once it was baked, I pulled out the wire rack and put it and the cake on the kitchen table.  This was a mistake... I then went back upstairs to put sheets back on beds and take a little rest myself.  The kids all came up with me and we chatted and what not until Nate realized that Levi wasn't with us.  Levi had found the cake and decided to take on the task of quality control and helped himself to part of the cake. Nate came scrambling back up the stairs to report and we all went back down to find this:

Somehow Sean was able to frost most of what was left of the cake and we all enjoyed a piece except for Levi, he got to go to bed. 

We had just got the kids to bed and we were settled in the living room when the thunder storm started.  Marko tried to get the kids to stay in bed but they were kinda wired for sound with all the lightning and thunder. We invited them to come down stairs with their blankets and pillows and they camped out on the floor while Marko and I sat on the couch in the darkness to watch the light show. Great finish to a lovely day.

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