Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 273

Well, that was an interesting day. Contrary to all our weather forecasts, today was a humid and for the most part, sunny day.  Maybe the crazy wind and rain will come tonight.

Today we did manage to get some of our homeschool stuff done and we headed back over to Janet's to help clean a bit and to take a kitchen set she was giving away.  Levi just loves playing with it and it looks like the older kids enjoy it too.  We set that up in Levi's room and he loves pressing the buttons on the microwave which he can reach from his crib...lovely.  May have to think about rearranging his room a bit!

Uncle Brian came over to do a bit more work on the bathroom this afternoon and I asked if he would be able to help us install our pedestal sink and he thought that he could and he'd look into it the next time he was in.  I decided that it would be a good idea to do some measuring so I measured the distance of the pipes and such and then headed out to the garage to check with the sink.  I moved it around and measured it and it looked like everything should work out.  I put the pedestal back and shut the door...then I heard the smash and my heart sank. I opened the door and there was  the pedestal smashed in pieces on the floor.  Well, I guess Uncle Brian is off the hook for that part of the reno now!

In other news I thought it might be nice to post some of the stuff the kids and I do together in our homeschool day.  This is what we use for our Bible time.  The book is broken up into 52 weeks with a Bible verse for each week and a story each day pertaining to the verse.  Every week I write up the verse on card stock and cut it up so the kids can play Bible scramble.  The kids really enjoy it.

 Nate likes to have the verse written out and then he'll match his cut out words with the ones on this page.

 Sean and Emma-Lyn like to look at the board and then just put it together on the table.  Sean likes to challenge himself and do it without looking at the verse.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 272

Another day of moving for the kiddos and I.  They did their best to help out by either loading boxes or watching Levi.  Can't wait to see Janet's place once it's all set up.  Such a cozy little spot.  After our moving adventure we went out to Seal Cove to visit with my Aunt Holly and Uncle Frank.  The boys really enjoyed tagging along with Uncle Frank and his buddies while he golfed.  And Emma-Lyn and Nate enjoyed the playground area while Aunt Holly and I enjoyed a lovely visit.  We even got to see this rainbow while we chatted.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 271

So. Very. Tired.  Spent the day helping our friend Janet and her girls move boxes and furniture into trucks, and SUVs and then driving to the new house and carting boxes and furniture to their new locations.  It was a beautiful day to be moving and I was ever so thankful for the breeze.  We'll have one more go of it tomorrow morning and then it will be time to plan a housewarming party!

I was glad that we managed to get the laundry on the line and managed to get a roast chicken dinner on the table this evening!  And then just to wind down I took out my new watercolour pencils and drew this picture...It's part of the beautiful view that Janet has at her new house. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day 270

Another full day.  We were off to church this morning but Levi had his fill of the nursery by snack time.  Poor guy was ever so tired so I took him home while the others stayed for the second meeting and Sunday school.

After a late lunch I popped back into church to work on a skit with a great bunch of gals.  It was so much fun rehearsing and laughing a lot!  Marko took the kids into Charlottetown and dropped Emma-Lyn off at a birthday party and took the boys out on some errands.

We were just getting supper together when my Uncle Frank and Aunt Holly popped in for a quick visit.  They've been here on the Island all summer and I've been meaning to get out to see them at Seal Cove but we've been so busy.  We've made plans to finally go over on Tuesday.  They were so thoughtful and brought lovely gifts for the children.  The kids were so delighted!  I can see some busy afternoons ahead.  Thank you both so much, that was so very nice of you to think of them!

After supper we headed over to Uncle Henk and Auntie Linda's for a little visit to wish Uncle Henk a happy birthday.  They had had folks over earlier in the afternoon but we were busy then and we were so glad that they could fit us in in the evening.

Once we got home we put Levi to bed while the others tidied up the living room.  Then Marko and the kids played some Wii games while I set up the telescope in hopes of seeing the lunar eclipse up close and personal.  Unfortunately I didn't have much luck getting it set up and then I had hopes of getting at least a semi nice shot of the eclipse but that didn't happen either.  But what did happen and what matters most is that my family and I enjoyed some special time together.  After the Wii games were finished, I made hot chocolate and the kids pulled out pencils and paper while I read the Hobbit.  We took little breaks to go check out the moon before heading back in to finish our chapter.  Nate even saw a shooting star! Such a fun memorable night!

These are the fun treats from Uncle Frank and Aunt Holly.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 269

 Wowza...It was a bit of a whirlwind of a day!  The kids and I were up and out the door by 8:30.  Levi stayed home with Marko while he worked on his sermon. 

I made a few stops in Charlottetown before popping over to Cornwall for their library's book sale.  We picked up a few books and waited for Maria and her boys to arrive.  I took the kids over to the park while Maria browsed then we all headed overt to the Atlantic Vet College for their open house.  The kids had a blast and learned a lot. 

 On a whim we decided to crash a wedding!!  Felt a little funny rushing up the stairs of the balcony wearing a hoodie and jeans but I was too excited to let that bother me for long.  I had taught the groom way back when he was in grade five and six. Such a lovely couple so glad we popped in to see the wedding.

Then it was time for a little snack and chat time at McDonalds.  The kids played and Maria and I had a nice time chatting before they had to head home to finish some chores and we had to go pick up a pedestal sink.

So glad to get that sink!  Then we were off to Toys R Us to pick up a birthday present. We were looking up and down the aisles picking up different items when I turned around and realized that Nate wasn't with us.  No problem, I thought.  Surely, he's just down one of the other aisles....nope. Okay I'll keep looking and extend the search.  Still no sign of him.  Now the scenarios are starting to play out in my head. And I call loudly for him. No answer.  I look towards the check outs and think I spot his little head and make a dash for it.  I manage to reach the cash just as they're saying my name over the P.A system...Parent. of. the. year! The poor guy had gone out to the parking lot (I don't know why!) and another parent spotted him and brought him back.  Kudos to Nate for keeping it together and being able to tell the clerk my name.  I had a big chat with all of them about what to do if they ever get lost and how we look for a clerk first and NEVER leave the store...Oh my nerves.

We stopped at the Dollarama for a lollipop and then off to a park before heading home.

Such a full day.  And now the kids are in bed and I'm at my friend Denise's place and going to work on some school stuff.

 Great cow hats at the vet college.

 Loved how they painted the skeleton on the horse.  On the other side they painted on the organs.

 Playing a game about what treats are healthy for dogs.

 The beautiful wedding we crashed.

Having fun at the park.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 268

We got to go apple picking with these two sweet boys and their mama.  It was a brisk fall day, just perfect for playing in an apple orchard.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 267

Today it was help our friends move day.  Such a beautiful spot!  Kids and adults alike had a great time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 266

Another gorgeous day out there.  We got our school stuff and piano lessons done in the morning and we enjoyed a delightful ride on the river this afternoon.  Afterwards we managed to get the car registered, Levi down for a nap and we did a history reading with picture narration.  And this evening friends came over and we made Oreo truffles together and played a round of Citadels. Nina won...Again!!

Quite a different view of Roma.  I couldn't help but imagine what the settlement would have looked like and what it would  have been like to be the New Englanders who came to sack the village. Such an interesting part of our Island history.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 265

 For our homeschool outing today we went to the Harvey Moore Bird Sanctuary.  It was a picture perfect day and we had the added treat of talking to Harvey's son about the sanctuary.  Then we were off.  The older kids went running while Levi and I just sauntered along.  At first I was anxious to keep up with the group but quickly realized that doing that would pretty much kill the fun factor of the outing.  So, I slowed down and enjoyed things Levi style.  We looked at moss, bark and things floating in streams.  We took some time to call to a curious nuthatch that came down to meet us.  We met up with the rest of our intrepid group at the floating gazebo for lunch.

After lunch we enjoyed a playdate with some of the homeschooling families from our group which was lovely.  The kids are always happy to have friends over to play.  I was impressed that this morning Nate and Emma-Lyn got their school work done before heading out on our excursion. Tomorrow we have school and piano lessons in the morning and then a little boat ride in the afternoon!

 My little trail partner inspecting the bark.

 Gorgeous pond.

 This just looked like an amazing sculpture to me.

 Can you spot the little nuthatch that came down to greet us?  He was closer at first but flitted up here when I was about to take his picture.  It's hard to balance a toddler in one arm and focus a camera in the other at the same time!

I could just imagine fairies dancing in this little magical area.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 264

Wow, just 100 days left of the year 2015!

It was a perfect day for a nature walk this morning.  We walked along the Confederation trail and picked leaves for our afternoon art activity.  We watched an enormous number of Canada geese squawk and fly from the waterfront to a nearby field. We mimicked the chickadees and marveled at the size of a very large spider.  We got our regular school stuff done and then took out our leaves and made crayon rubbings which we then used water colour paints to fill out the leaf. For added effect I painted the back of the paper with vegetable oil which gave it a stained glass effect.  The kids loved it.  Such a fun and easy little project.
 Running down the trail.

 Fall colours are coming.

 The intense spider.

 Our stained glass leaves.

And just for fun...I love playing with watercolours.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 263

This evening we enjoyed listening to Dr. David Robbins talk about his missionary work in India.  I loved his enthusiasm and his story.  He had a lovely display set up at the back and I picked up this book:

I'm really looking forward to getting into it!  But it will have to wait another night as I have some school prep to finish up tonight.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 262

 It hit 30 degrees today!!  What a beautiful day! Emma-Lyn, Levi and I took our friend June out to the 70 mile yard sale this morning.  What fun we had!  We found step dance shoes for Emma-Lyn for just three dollars!  I bought some paints, a book about the body and Emma-Lyn bought some headbands and a reusable cup.  Marko took the boys out to get their hair cut and they managed to squeeze in a few yard sales too.  We dropped June off at the library and headed home to catch up with the boys and grab some sandwiches for a picnic lunch.

We met up with the MacDonalds in Cardigan and enjoyed our little picnic together before heading over to MacPhee's apple orchard.  The kids had a great time picking apples with their friends. After all our hot work we decided we all deserved an ice cream treat. Off to What's the Scoop we went. Then it was back to our place for a lovely long deserved play date.

 Levi hauling our apples in our wagon.

 Such beautiful apples.

 A great apple picker.

 Some of the gang enjoying their sweet treat. 

And there was even time for some trampoline fun for the adults.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 261

 I have to admit that I am loving these summer temperatures!  We enjoyed a lovely birthday party at King's Castle this morning.  We just love that place and to have it all to ourselves was just dreamy! We all had a blast until poor little Levi got stung by a wasp right on the thumb. There was much tears and some swelling but by the time we stopped for lemonade and some Tim Bits all was well with the world once again.

We spent our afternoon doing our chores.  Nothing as nice as a nice clean house to enjoy over the weekend.  And it looks like Emma-Lyn and I will be doing the 70 mile yard sale with our friend June while the boys get their hair cut.  Then we'll all be off to meet friends at MacPhee's apple orchard.  Can't wait!

 This little guy loves a good piece of cake!

 Wonder what Sammy spies here...

And sometimes it's nice to find a place to have some guy time.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Day 260

What a gorgeous day!! It was a great homeschooling day and the weather just kept begging us to come outside and play.  After Levi's nap we piled into the car and went to the beach.  And it was great to hangout with a lot of our homeschool group too.  The kids swam like fish and played like monkeys on the beach.  And the topper to our day was a little ice cream treat from What's the Scoop.  You'd think it was still summer!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 259

Had our first real day of school today and I'm very pleased with how well it went.  I was a little anxious since Levi isn't napping in the morning anymore but we managed!  I worked with Sean one on one and Nate and Emma-Lyn entertained Levi and then we switched.  I think this will work.  We covered all the subjects I had planned for and everyone was fairly good about it.  There was some grumbling but we got through it and I'm proud of my kids!

This afternoon we enjoyed a playdate at the library and the park.  I didn't tell the kids that we'd be meeting the Bowmans there so they were thrilled when they spied their truck in the parking lot!

And of course while we were at the park this happened:

'Cause you know, that's how homeschooling kids roll!  They pulled out the bins and then happily pretended to be in prison.  Except for Nate who escaped.

This evening as I was tucking the kids into bed they begged me to tell them a story.  It was late and there wasn't much time so I just came up with the best I could on the spot...this is what they got:

Once upon a time there was a worm that liked to live in potatoes and one day he ate all of uncle Henk's potatoes.  Uncle Henk got mad and caught him and threw him into the North Umberland Strait where he became the fastest swimming worm in the world.  The End...
 The kids thought this was the best story that they've heard and that I should be an author...Yeah, don't think so sweeties...but thanks for the vote of confidence!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 258

 While a couple of us are still dealing with colds we made the short trek out to Roma and had a wonderful time.  Roma was a French settlement in the 1740s which puts it at the same time period as Louisbourg.  In fact, Roma shipped it's salted cod to Louisbourg. 

We enjoyed learning about the fishery, every day life as well as taking a walking tour up to where the village had once been. 
 Nate and Sean learning to fish for cod.

 The nighty that a woman would wear  ALL THE TIME...

 This is our Emma-Lyn with a time period bonnet.

 And this is our friend Emma sporting a lovely bonnet! Beautiful girl!

 Boys wearing sabots.
 Learning to carry water buckets.

 The Pavillion area.
 Plaque at the Roma settlement area.

Such a beautiful area.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 257

 And today was the day that the Peric Academy officially opened for the year.  It was a bit of a slow and wonky start but nevertheless we started and it was good.  We did a fun photoshoot to commemorate the day and did a worksheet called "All About Me" which I hope will become a tradition over the years.

We didn't get a lot of school work done but the kids got their new stuff for their bins and we discussed our routine and subjects that we'll be covering for the year.  And somehow the time got away from us and we were scrambling to get lunch in our faces before we had to run out the door to get to Charlottetown for eye doctor appointments.

So thankful for a dinner play date at the Bueckert's. We had such a nice time chatting over tea while the kids played and watched a show. It was grand.  Unfortunately it seems the cold has my sinuses in it's icy grasp and would dearly love to make my life miserable.  I must get to bed early, we have a fun homeschool group outing to go to tomorrow!