Thursday, September 03, 2015

Day 246

It was a beautiful day to work on homeschool prep on the deck.  The kids played and poked around to see what we will be doing soon.  When I pulled out Nate and Emma-Lyn's readers they just had to give it a go and were tickled pink with their success, as was I.  Here's hoping they enjoy the rest of the year as much as this afternoon.

Sean decided that Thursdays should be exercise day and that we should start today. So it was pilates for everyone except Levi, he was napping.  While my legs felt like mush afterwards, I was impressed with my new energy levels.  I had been feeling pretty draggy all day but after that, it felt like the fog had lifted and I could get all the things done.  I even managed to pull out my board and shoes and practice my step dancing. I can't wait to learn new steps this fall.

 Mr. Diligence working on his blueprints for a go-cart lawnmower.

"Oh yeah, got me some corn on the cob and I'm lovin' it!!"

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Grammie Peric said...

That is just something his father would do.(Sean)