Friday, September 04, 2015

Day 247

 Well, that was quite the day!  The kids and I worked hard to get the house clean this morning and sort through clothing before heading down to the waterfront for the painting.  Nate and Sean both went up to paint and enjoyed being part of the process. I was lucky enough to take home a painting by David Tremble today! If you'd like to see my painting click here and you can watch the video of David painting the finished product.

While the kids were painting Levi decided he'd find out what it would be like to be a jungle man and ran in and out of bushes while Emma-Lyn and I chased after him.  I took a few pictures and then my wonderful friend Janet and her girls and sweet doggy showed up so I snapped a few shots of them.

 Levi then decided he'd find out what it was like to be a sprint runner. He also apparently wanted to see how fast his momma could run.  I was just standing up to look for him when a lady yelled, "Anyone know who that kid's mother is?  He's running for the road!!" I dropped my camera and took off running full tilt and managed to catch Levi just on the corner of Main street.  I scooped him up and marched back to the playground and sat on the ground with him on my lap.  So thankful that nothing serious happened but still very scared out of my mind.  I scolded Levi and made sure he knew exactly where his boundaries were.  Also very thankful for friends to chat with to help get my heart to stop racing and think about happier things.

This afternoon Maria and her boys came over toting Tim's coffee and tim bits.  We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon chatting on the deck while the kids played on the trampoline, rode their bikes around and just had fun running around. 

Marko brought home a take and bake pizza from the Superstore so we got that going and some garlic bread before we headed out to do our part to clean the chapel.  Thankfully Marko called the other couple that we work with and they had been in earlier and discovered that the job had already been done.  That was a blessing!  We didn't tell the kids and headed over anyways since Marko had an envelope to drop off. On the way over I asked what the kids wanted to do to help clean. Emma-Lyn wanted to take up the garbage, Sean wanted to vacuum and Nate wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do.  And as we pulled in I said, "Well, I guess you'll have to wait till next time, because someone else has already done the job!!"  The kids just looked at me like I had three heads..."Whaaa?" "The job is done, once daddy gets back in the car we're going to go to What's the Scoop for a treat!!"  This was met with great rejoicing!  And I was surprised when Marko came out the church with a little gift for me.  It was from my secret sister and it was a lovely copy of the Bible promises.  I just love it!

We enjoyed our treat even if it was a bit chilly to be sitting out on their deck eating ice cream.  Levi ended up wearing more of his than eating it.  He was also quite busy charming the girls that worked there.

Once we got back home it was time to finish packing for our little trip to Gramma and Grampa Hope's house.  And I think it's just about bed time for this pooped momma!

 The artist.

I spy a Levi!

 I love this wonderful girl!

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