Sunday, September 06, 2015

Day 249

Such a wonderful weekend with my family! We went for a hike in the woods which the kids just adored.  Afterwards Sean told Gramma that that day was the best day of his life! Then they made flags and paraded around the driveway with much glee.  The kids love to sleep in the tent so this was also a major bonus and we made a trip to the Museum of Industry which is always a crowd-pleaser.

I have to say the highlight for me was looking through old photo albums and talking with my parents about their families.  And it was also lovely to just sit with my dad down by the pond and enjoy the nature around us.  We chatted openly and honestly and he mentioned at one point over the weekend that maybe he didn't do much with his life.  And he mentioned how he doesn't have this skill or that one.  And so, maybe not. But dad, you were the one who brought me back to church and we had some great chats then.  And that is partly why I know Jesus as my Saviour today and I'd say that is a pretty big deal!  Thanks, dad! 

 Big bright red berries.

 Trekking into the woods.

 Karina used to love wandering around down here when we were young.

 A little snail we found.

 So peaceful!
 My little cuties.
 This was Auntie Karina's first time at the museum and I think she had a great time!

We had a lot of fun pretending to be chocolate factory workers.

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