Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Day 252

Such a busy day.  We had a bit of a bumpy start but got laundry on the line and lunches packed to head out to our picnic with our homeschool friends.  We stopped in at the Bookmark to pick up some math books and then headed over to Michael's for card stock and water colour pencils.  Then we were off to Canoe Cove. We ate our lunch and the kids played and we went down to the beach.

As we made our way back home I asked the kids if they had had a good time and they all had a blast which was great.  I had a nice time but not as much as I usually do and at first I couldn't figure out why not. Then it dawned on me that pretty near the whole time I felt kinda like this guy:

(10 super book geek points to anyone who can name the book )
I constantly felt like I was on high Levi alert.  The boy seems to have a penchant for adventure and bodily harm..  There was a parking lot and cliffs to think about.  It was a lot of looking this way and that and getting up and bringing him back to the group. This makes it a little difficult to enjoy conversations.  I'll just have to keep telling myself that this is a stage and Levi and I will get through it and I'll get to socialize as much as my kids again some day!

 He loved wandering on the beach. 

 Such a great bunch of families to hangout with.

We were hardly home when Marko was dropped off and he suggested going on our first apple picking of the season.  We all piled back in the car and headed over to Maple Farms.  It was wonderful to walk in the orchard as the sun was setting.  The kids were ever so pleased. We're looking forward to trying out our new juicer!
 Such a cutie and great looking apple.

 He picked his first apple.

Sean was so pleased with this super red apple.  Love that the simple things in life delight his heart.


Nelleke Plouffe said...

I noticed you weren't quite as sunny as usual, and am glad it was nothing serious. :) Those are scary cliffs when you have a toddler running around!

Maria said...

I had to laugh at the Seuss picture. Yes, it makes it hard to socialize when you're constantly on the alert. Lots of opportunity for accidents over there. I'm glad you got to go though. :)