Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 257

 And today was the day that the Peric Academy officially opened for the year.  It was a bit of a slow and wonky start but nevertheless we started and it was good.  We did a fun photoshoot to commemorate the day and did a worksheet called "All About Me" which I hope will become a tradition over the years.

We didn't get a lot of school work done but the kids got their new stuff for their bins and we discussed our routine and subjects that we'll be covering for the year.  And somehow the time got away from us and we were scrambling to get lunch in our faces before we had to run out the door to get to Charlottetown for eye doctor appointments.

So thankful for a dinner play date at the Bueckert's. We had such a nice time chatting over tea while the kids played and watched a show. It was grand.  Unfortunately it seems the cold has my sinuses in it's icy grasp and would dearly love to make my life miserable.  I must get to bed early, we have a fun homeschool group outing to go to tomorrow!

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