Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 258

 While a couple of us are still dealing with colds we made the short trek out to Roma and had a wonderful time.  Roma was a French settlement in the 1740s which puts it at the same time period as Louisbourg.  In fact, Roma shipped it's salted cod to Louisbourg. 

We enjoyed learning about the fishery, every day life as well as taking a walking tour up to where the village had once been. 
 Nate and Sean learning to fish for cod.

 The nighty that a woman would wear  ALL THE TIME...

 This is our Emma-Lyn with a time period bonnet.

 And this is our friend Emma sporting a lovely bonnet! Beautiful girl!

 Boys wearing sabots.
 Learning to carry water buckets.

 The Pavillion area.
 Plaque at the Roma settlement area.

Such a beautiful area.

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