Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 261

 I have to admit that I am loving these summer temperatures!  We enjoyed a lovely birthday party at King's Castle this morning.  We just love that place and to have it all to ourselves was just dreamy! We all had a blast until poor little Levi got stung by a wasp right on the thumb. There was much tears and some swelling but by the time we stopped for lemonade and some Tim Bits all was well with the world once again.

We spent our afternoon doing our chores.  Nothing as nice as a nice clean house to enjoy over the weekend.  And it looks like Emma-Lyn and I will be doing the 70 mile yard sale with our friend June while the boys get their hair cut.  Then we'll all be off to meet friends at MacPhee's apple orchard.  Can't wait!

 This little guy loves a good piece of cake!

 Wonder what Sammy spies here...

And sometimes it's nice to find a place to have some guy time.

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