Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 262

 It hit 30 degrees today!!  What a beautiful day! Emma-Lyn, Levi and I took our friend June out to the 70 mile yard sale this morning.  What fun we had!  We found step dance shoes for Emma-Lyn for just three dollars!  I bought some paints, a book about the body and Emma-Lyn bought some headbands and a reusable cup.  Marko took the boys out to get their hair cut and they managed to squeeze in a few yard sales too.  We dropped June off at the library and headed home to catch up with the boys and grab some sandwiches for a picnic lunch.

We met up with the MacDonalds in Cardigan and enjoyed our little picnic together before heading over to MacPhee's apple orchard.  The kids had a great time picking apples with their friends. After all our hot work we decided we all deserved an ice cream treat. Off to What's the Scoop we went. Then it was back to our place for a lovely long deserved play date.

 Levi hauling our apples in our wagon.

 Such beautiful apples.

 A great apple picker.

 Some of the gang enjoying their sweet treat. 

And there was even time for some trampoline fun for the adults.

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