Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 264

Wow, just 100 days left of the year 2015!

It was a perfect day for a nature walk this morning.  We walked along the Confederation trail and picked leaves for our afternoon art activity.  We watched an enormous number of Canada geese squawk and fly from the waterfront to a nearby field. We mimicked the chickadees and marveled at the size of a very large spider.  We got our regular school stuff done and then took out our leaves and made crayon rubbings which we then used water colour paints to fill out the leaf. For added effect I painted the back of the paper with vegetable oil which gave it a stained glass effect.  The kids loved it.  Such a fun and easy little project.
 Running down the trail.

 Fall colours are coming.

 The intense spider.

 Our stained glass leaves.

And just for fun...I love playing with watercolours.

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