Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 265

 For our homeschool outing today we went to the Harvey Moore Bird Sanctuary.  It was a picture perfect day and we had the added treat of talking to Harvey's son about the sanctuary.  Then we were off.  The older kids went running while Levi and I just sauntered along.  At first I was anxious to keep up with the group but quickly realized that doing that would pretty much kill the fun factor of the outing.  So, I slowed down and enjoyed things Levi style.  We looked at moss, bark and things floating in streams.  We took some time to call to a curious nuthatch that came down to meet us.  We met up with the rest of our intrepid group at the floating gazebo for lunch.

After lunch we enjoyed a playdate with some of the homeschooling families from our group which was lovely.  The kids are always happy to have friends over to play.  I was impressed that this morning Nate and Emma-Lyn got their school work done before heading out on our excursion. Tomorrow we have school and piano lessons in the morning and then a little boat ride in the afternoon!

 My little trail partner inspecting the bark.

 Gorgeous pond.

 This just looked like an amazing sculpture to me.

 Can you spot the little nuthatch that came down to greet us?  He was closer at first but flitted up here when I was about to take his picture.  It's hard to balance a toddler in one arm and focus a camera in the other at the same time!

I could just imagine fairies dancing in this little magical area.

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