Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day 270

Another full day.  We were off to church this morning but Levi had his fill of the nursery by snack time.  Poor guy was ever so tired so I took him home while the others stayed for the second meeting and Sunday school.

After a late lunch I popped back into church to work on a skit with a great bunch of gals.  It was so much fun rehearsing and laughing a lot!  Marko took the kids into Charlottetown and dropped Emma-Lyn off at a birthday party and took the boys out on some errands.

We were just getting supper together when my Uncle Frank and Aunt Holly popped in for a quick visit.  They've been here on the Island all summer and I've been meaning to get out to see them at Seal Cove but we've been so busy.  We've made plans to finally go over on Tuesday.  They were so thoughtful and brought lovely gifts for the children.  The kids were so delighted!  I can see some busy afternoons ahead.  Thank you both so much, that was so very nice of you to think of them!

After supper we headed over to Uncle Henk and Auntie Linda's for a little visit to wish Uncle Henk a happy birthday.  They had had folks over earlier in the afternoon but we were busy then and we were so glad that they could fit us in in the evening.

Once we got home we put Levi to bed while the others tidied up the living room.  Then Marko and the kids played some Wii games while I set up the telescope in hopes of seeing the lunar eclipse up close and personal.  Unfortunately I didn't have much luck getting it set up and then I had hopes of getting at least a semi nice shot of the eclipse but that didn't happen either.  But what did happen and what matters most is that my family and I enjoyed some special time together.  After the Wii games were finished, I made hot chocolate and the kids pulled out pencils and paper while I read the Hobbit.  We took little breaks to go check out the moon before heading back in to finish our chapter.  Nate even saw a shooting star! Such a fun memorable night!

These are the fun treats from Uncle Frank and Aunt Holly.

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