Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 273

Well, that was an interesting day. Contrary to all our weather forecasts, today was a humid and for the most part, sunny day.  Maybe the crazy wind and rain will come tonight.

Today we did manage to get some of our homeschool stuff done and we headed back over to Janet's to help clean a bit and to take a kitchen set she was giving away.  Levi just loves playing with it and it looks like the older kids enjoy it too.  We set that up in Levi's room and he loves pressing the buttons on the microwave which he can reach from his crib...lovely.  May have to think about rearranging his room a bit!

Uncle Brian came over to do a bit more work on the bathroom this afternoon and I asked if he would be able to help us install our pedestal sink and he thought that he could and he'd look into it the next time he was in.  I decided that it would be a good idea to do some measuring so I measured the distance of the pipes and such and then headed out to the garage to check with the sink.  I moved it around and measured it and it looked like everything should work out.  I put the pedestal back and shut the door...then I heard the smash and my heart sank. I opened the door and there was  the pedestal smashed in pieces on the floor.  Well, I guess Uncle Brian is off the hook for that part of the reno now!

In other news I thought it might be nice to post some of the stuff the kids and I do together in our homeschool day.  This is what we use for our Bible time.  The book is broken up into 52 weeks with a Bible verse for each week and a story each day pertaining to the verse.  Every week I write up the verse on card stock and cut it up so the kids can play Bible scramble.  The kids really enjoy it.

 Nate likes to have the verse written out and then he'll match his cut out words with the ones on this page.

 Sean and Emma-Lyn like to look at the board and then just put it together on the table.  Sean likes to challenge himself and do it without looking at the verse.

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