Friday, October 02, 2015

Day 275

Another busy day ahead.  We did our apple picking this morning and made some stops before heading home.  On the way I got a little hankering to try out some Porktoberfest tastiness.  We stopped at the Juice Box and I grabbed one of their Porkastic 5 sandwiches.  It looked and tasted amazing!!  Love the fresh ingredients and the bacon was soooo good!!  A great start to Porktoberfest!

And in case you were wondering  the sandwich ingredients are peameal bacon, whiskey chili bacon, apple brined bacon, double smoked bacon, pork belly, homemade smoked red pepper hummus, sunflower sprouts, fresh tomato, ground cherry an onion chutney,PEI potato rosti, alfalfa sprouts on a homemade maple pumpkin bun, garnished with ground cherries and pickled onion.

Need to make some apple muffins this afternoon, get our piano lessons done and help Janet move some chickens!  Fun times!

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