Sunday, October 04, 2015

Day 277

 What a gorgeous day.  So thankful for more sunshine and warmth.  We enjoyed a lovely morning with our church family which included lunch.  The kids love when we get to have lunch at church and spend extra time with their friends.  They got an extra treat when our friends the MacGregors spent the rest of the day with us.  We had a lovely chat while the children played and once we got Levi up from his nap we were off to the orchard to pick Galas and the last of the Honeycrisps. We all came back to our place for a quick supper of sandwiches, chips and pepper slices.  Then it was back out the door to church for everyone but Levi and I.  He puttered with his dinkies while I tidied the kitchen.

 Friends help pick apples on sunny afternoons.

I could spend hours just walking in the orchard just enjoying the peacefulness it brings.

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