Monday, October 05, 2015

Day 278

Well, that was one humdinger of a day!  Lets see what did we manage to do today...

Sean baked his first loaf of bread and it was delicious.  Emma-Lyn scrubbed the kitchen floors...just because.  Then they all went out and cleaned the mats with dish soap and water from the hose.  We got our homeschool stuff done.

And then I managed to bust my vacuum in two. Yep, one moment I have one complete and working vacuum and the next I've got two pieces and no more suction. I have some serious vacuum killing abilities apparently...

Then what?  Oh, then there was the time when I put the quinoa on the stove to boil.  I went to the livingroom to tackle Mount Laundry of Epic Proportions and came back just in time to witness some serious smoke come billowing out of my kitchen.  It. Was. Epic. Time to open all the doors and windows and let the neighbours wonder just what it is we do in here all day! It still kinda smells like I had a bonfire in here.

And Sean built this little guy.  Sadly, I think we must have messed up the wiring since we haven't had any luck getting it to move.  Hopefully tomorrow we can sort it out and see the little guy hobble around the table.

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