Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Day 279

A beautiful day for a hike in the woods with a couple of our homeschool friends. While we did have a lovely time I realized that I am feeling wildly frazzled most of the time these days.  I think we have too much going on and need to step back a bit.  So, for now we're taking a break from our weekly outings with our homeschool group.  We'll miss our time with all our friends but I feel that we really need to regroup and get grounded in our regular homeschool days.

This evening we took Emma-Lyn to her first step-dance class.  She did really well and enjoyed it!  It may seem funny for me to mention that we're taking out our homeschool group time and then in the next breath share about how Emma-Lyn is taking step-dance lessons. Our homeschool group meets through the day which kinda throws the whole day off for us.  And step-dance is in the evening so we can accommodate for that after our regular school stuff is done.  Sean will be taking up curling again soon and all three big kids will be starting AWANA this Thursday.  Things will be busy but hopefully not hectic.

 A feather Sean found in the forest.  Levi and I got another little bird treat.  This time we managed to get five or six chickadees to come check us out.  They were so close we could hear their wings flutter as they flew around us.
 Love the peacefulness of the woods.

 Emma-Lyn learning how to shuffle step.

 Emma-Lyn and her dance teacher, Jordan.  He was my teacher last year.

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Nichole and Babies said...

I have that same frazzled feeling some days and I only have two munchkins! Sometimes a day at home with no where to be is just the thing, that's what we did today and it was really nice :)