Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 284

Twelve years ago I married a wonderful man.

He's quiet and I'm loud.  He's the voice of reason and I'm the voice of crazy. I'm known for my laughter, he's known for his wisdom. This life is filled with times of joy and sorrow and I couldn't imagine going through any of those times with anyone else but him.  We're not perfect people living a perfect lifestyle.  We're just two ordinary people loving each other and loving Jesus and walking this journey together.

To Marko, I love you so much and I am so blessed by the love you have for me each day.  You help me up when I fall down.  You love our children so dearly even when they're jumping on your last nerve. I love how much you love your Saviour and share with others about Him and His word.

To Colleen, I thank you from my heart for being the amazing woman and mom that you have been and continue to be.  You have prayed over Marko and molded him from a little boy to this amazing man I'm married to.  Thank you.

To Linda, thank you so much for being a wonderful sister to Marko.  I'm sure you've taught him many things about being sensitive to a girl's thoughts and needs.

To Ratko, you may feel that you weren't there as much as a dad and would have liked to be more.  I'm still thankful for the great memories Marko has of being with you.

To Dona, thank you for being a loving stepmother and caring for Marko across the distance.  It has been lovely to get to know you better each time you visit.

To all of Marko's long time and short time friends, thank you. 

You see, we don't make ourselves on our own.  If we think about it, there is a whole swath of people helping us to become who we are.  

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Grammie Peric said...

Thank you for thanking me. Blessings to you both, I am so proud of you both