Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 285

 Happy Thanksgiving!

What a glorious day.  We slept in a ridiculous amount.  Thank you children for doing so well and having mercy on mommy and daddy this morning.  Even with our late rising Marko was able to change the furnace filter and I went through everyone's clothes and took out the summer stuff.

Then we were off to Jennie and Troy's for Thanksgiving dinner.  What a feast!  And such great company. Most of Jennie's siblings and their children were there along with some of Troy's relatives as well. We all had a wonderful time.  The kids had a blast and were tickled pink when Troy's Aunt Brenda gave each of them a little treat bag.

On our way home I took some pictures of the fall colours and we decided to stop at the playground.  No one was particularly hungry after our large dinner.  We had crackers, cheese, grapes and bananas and raisin bread toast for supper. It was delightful!

Usually we'd just be getting back from Nova Scotia right about now so I'm missing my folks but thankful to know that dad is doing well and they enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving as well.

 Sweet little Monica.

 Kimmy and Monica.
 Savana, such a little sweet heart.

 Just love the fall colours!

 Playing at the park.

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