Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 287

It was a stay at home and get things done kind of day which was great.  We worked on our homeschool stuff and puttered around the house doing chores. After quiet time we read the Story of Canada and the children drew pictures for their narration.  Then it was practice time.  The boys took turns practicing piano and Emma-Lyn and I practiced step dance.  Levi decided he wanted to practice bouncing so out to the trampoline we went.  It was such a lovely afternoon!

I worked on reorganizing one of  our bookshelves which has resulted in a large pile of "to donate" books as well as books that need homes on other book shelves.  I'll need to go through the rest of my shelves to get this all finished.  In the midst of that I decided it would be good to finally get some primer up on the bathroom walls!!  So excited!  It's pretty bright in there now, but at least you can't see so much purple, mint green and pink anymore!!

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