Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 291

Just a shot of my homeschool prep. In case you were ever wondering this is generally what I do to get prepared for the coming week.  I get all my books out on the kitchen table and pull the kids' bins over as well.  First I go through their past week's work and record it in their folders.  Then I go through each of their subjects and write down their assignments for the week. I make photocopies of what I need and stick them in my clipboard and we're set for another week.  Nothing too fancy or complex and so far it's working with minor tweaks here and there as we go.  For instance, I had history as a subject that we would cover once a week, now we do history each day.  After quiet time we read a section of the book The Story of Canada and the kids do a picture narration. Here's to another week in our homeschool adventure.

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