Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 301

It was a perfect day to get all our outdoor stuff packed away in the garage.  First I went in and organized the garage and then we all worked on putting away the trampoline, the deck furniture, the swings and the BBQ.  I was very impressed with how well the kids and I worked together.  They were great problem solvers too.  While we were taking down the swings one of them wouldn't come down and I was ready to just leave it when Emma-Lyn suggested grease.  Sean ran in the house and brought out the WD-40.  He sprayed it and voila I could get it down.

And as a reward for all their efforts they got to watch some Magic School Bus. I got to sit down and relax with a chai latte.  In the afternoon the kids enjoyed a playdate with Sean's buddy Austin.  They played on the Wii, went for a walk and set up an obstacle course for a remote control car.  While they played I made fudge for this evening's homeschool meeting.Yum!

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