Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 302

She was some sorta windy out there today! We had a great homeschool morning until Levi kept pestering so we ducked into my bedroom to get work done and that worked until Levi found us..

The door was shut so he couldn't get in.  But he didn't let that dampen his spirits.  He searched in the handy drawers in the hallway until he found what he was looking for.  The lad took the crowbar and banged the hallway walls with it...I was ever so pleased.  The crowbar was in the drawer from our bathroom renos.  Note to self, must find better places to stash things!

After we got our work done we enjoyed a lovely playdate at our friend Janet's house.  They have a new little bunny and the kids enjoyed patting her and playing with their friends. This evening we had Awana. I love being a leader, the kids are so sweet and the games are fantastic!  I can mark off my cardio workout after that.  Then once the kids were in bed it was time to relax and colour. Such a great way to unwind.

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