Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 303

 Another blustery day!  The kids and I worked quickly at getting the house clean so we could go to the Nearly New and to the library.  Levi is in need of some pants and I managed to pick up two nice pairs of slacks and the kiddos enjoyed their suckers from the clerk.

 Then we headed over to the library to drop off some videos and read some books.  We were all engrossed in our books when the librarian let us know that she was closing up for lunch.  We quickly put down our books and headed out.  And just as we were out the doors, Emma-Lyn exclaims, "Mom, Levi!!" Oh yeah, probably would be a good idea to bring him home.  I sure am getting good at this parenting thing!!

After lunch Sean made brownies and I tackled my bedroom.  It was time to clean up and declutter.  And as I pulled things out and either put them in the donations bag or the garbage I came across this:
 I took Taekwondo when I went to Mount Allison University.  Such great memories.  Emma-Lyn asked me to put it on and surprise the boys.  The boys loved it!  And insisted I show them some moves.  The mind grows dim over the years but I still remember some punches and kicks and they thought it was amazing.  And of course, they then proceeded to try out their own versions on each other.  Another parenting win!

While it was windy, it was still a gorgeous day out there and the kids asked to go to the beach. I love the beach and was all for it.  The wind pretty much took your breath away.  Very invigorating!  Levi had fallen asleep on the way over so we let him sleep while we played on the beach.  We weren't gone very long as it was desperately cold!

Once we were home again it was time for hot chocolate and a movie. It was homemade pizza for supper which was delightful.  Sadly we burnt our last attempt at homemade pizza last night but this one more than made up for that faux pas!

Now the kiddos are in bed and it's time to call a dear friend in Quebec and catch up on her goings on.

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Love the photos!