Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Day 308

Oh my...what a day.  I could not fall asleep last night.  It took me until 4:30 this morning to finally fall asleep. I am so tired right now.  Gonna do up this post and then tumble into bed. 

This morning we went to the Post Office to send off some very important cards to a very important someone.  Then we were off to the Superstore, Avocado and the new craft shop here in Montague.  I LOVE the craft shop.  I had a lovely chat with the owner and I love how she had space for children to enjoy themselves.  That perk definitely made it easier for me to peruse all the lovely yarns and other crafty bits.  In fact I picked up a new hobby.  Something to do on those nights I can't sleep.

And this was today's big excitement:
 The boys watched as the excavator tore down the collapsed barn in a neighbour's yard.

 They loved it!

And this is my new hobby, crocheting.  What little I know I've learned off of YouTube. This is the third time I've attempted this much today.  I've made lots of mistakes but I'm learning and enjoying the process.

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