Thursday, November 05, 2015

Day 309

Wow, just wow...That was a day.  That was a day full of screw ups. The kids screwed up, I screwed up and often times we screwed things up together.  And it wasn't pretty.  If today had been a fish I would have thrown it back...that is until the drive home from Awana.  I have amazing imperfect kids and my kids have an amazing and imperfect mom.

I felt pretty crappy about my actions and words and apologized and those beautiful kids forgave me. Nate said, "It's okay, Mommies make mistakes too." Words of wisdom from my soon to be six year old.

Thankfully, in the chaos there are the bright points, the moments of brilliance.  Math time today with Emma-Lyn we found the beauty of patterns in skip counting.

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