Friday, November 06, 2015

Day 310

Today I did the house cleaning by myself as a little treat for the children since tomorrow is Nate's birthday.  They were thrilled and while they didn't do their regular duties they did help me when called upon.

This afternoon we enjoyed a lovely playdate with some friends. When Marko came home we headed over to the Pizza Delight for supper.  Then it was time for Marko to jet off for his 40th birthday extravaganza!  My birthday gift to him was a weekend away with his buddies to play games.  He has a great group of guys that get together monthly to play games like Diplomacy, Settlers, and Legendary.

This evening kids and I baked some chocolate cupcakes for tomorrow.  Sean and I played a quick game of Pyramath before heading into the living room for some dancing!  It was such delight to watch their antics.  And now everyone is tucked in for the night and I will get some decorating done before heading to bed.  Looking forward to more adventures tomorrow!

The cupcakes kinda remind me of Goombas from Super Mario Bros!

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