Saturday, November 07, 2015

Day 311.2

Today we had a change of plans that meant some quick thinking and seeking ideas from friends on Facebook for Nate's birthday adventure.

We began our day with a trip to the Bulk Barn for some fun treats for later.  Then we were off to the Fun Place for lots of climbing, sliding and jumping. We enjoyed  some slushies and ring pops and a coffee for me. 

It was just a quick drive over to my friend Tammy's place for a little visit.  The kids watched a movie while Tammy and I chatted and had a Pepsi. It wasn't long before we were on the road again to our next stop.  We picked up some snacks and the kids bought their own little treats from the five dollars that they each received from Grammie Peric.

We made our way home and quickly got to work on making supper and setting up the living room for a camp out.  I made Nate's favourite homemade mac n' cheese.  We had our chocolate cupcakes topped with our Bulk Barn candies.  After Levi completely demolished his, I took him up for his bath and bedtime while the others got all cozy in the living room.

I got Nate a fun glow in the dark writing set which all the kids enjoyed messing around with and we put on our glow in the dark bracelets and now we're enjoying watching Bolt.

It's been a really fun day with the kiddos, looking forward to having Marko home tomorrow.

Playing at that Fun Place.

All set for our mac n' cheese!

Nate loved his sparker six.

All camped out for the night.
 And our fun glow in the dark pictures.

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