Monday, November 09, 2015

Day 313

Today was a hard day. We got through our regular school stuff but we didn't manage to play the Ukloo game or work on our Remembrance Day activities. I have had a few sleepless nights lately so it was hard to keep the energy going and by the afternoon I gave up.  I crashed on the bed and if the kids asked for anything my general answer was yes. If it kept them busy and they didn't burn the house down, it was fair game.

They played lots of Lego and Sean and Emma-Lyn made me a lovely necklace while Nate worked on his own bead creation.  Once they tidied up from the creating they watched some Monkey George and I finally pulled myself up off the bed.

After supper Emma-Lyn and I went on our date.  We picked up some hot chocolates and doughnuts from Tims and went to the library in Murray Harbour.  What a lovely librarian!  She was so helpful! And now the boys want to go there on their dates!

And here I am with my homemade necklace.  Sean did the beadwork while Emma-Lyn did the braiding

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