Sunday, November 15, 2015

Day 319

Today was Levi's official birthday and it was pretty low key.  We did the presents and cake yesterday so today we sang Happy Birthday to him one more time with a cupcake and candle to blow out.  He loved that!

This Tuesday our homeschool group is going to do our own little mock election.  The children will be choosing a mascot.  The materials that I received from Elections Canada didn't have the posters to go with the mascots.  I have all the other materials and I really felt that the kids would need a visual to go with the campaign speeches and songs so I sketched  these four candidates for our mascot. Please meet: Sam the Wolf, Desneiges the Polar Bear

 and Charlie the Raven and Neevee the Caribou.
Hope the kids enjoy participating in our little election.

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