Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day 323

Sometimes you just hit a rough patch traveling down this road we call life. And it isn't all that fun.

 I chose homeschooling and for the most part I love this lifestyle.  But this past week has just been so hard.  I don't know if we've hit the November slump--if that even is a thing-- or we're just needing a little change.  

I've caught myself wondering repeatedly why did we go for this? Most of the time my kids are amazing, fun and upbeat, but then there are times when they're so crazy I think I might just go lock myself in the bathroom and never come out... (although, I've heard that 15 hours in a bathroom can be agonizing...ahem--that's another story.)

I am looking forward to getting our cleaning done tomorrow and then going on a much needed play date.

And like I said, this is just a rough patch, we'll get through this and hopefully be better for it once we're through it.

 Mr. Levi enjoying his brownie.

My very happy Awana kiddos.  I love how much they enjoy this program.  Tonight Emma-Lyn and Nate earned their first badge.  They were ever so chuffed.

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Nelleke Plouffe said...

Hang in there! I think there is something about November. We just finished our first term and it was all we could do to cross the finish line this week. I love how you consider play-dates "much-needed." I admire that and wish I was more like you that way.