Saturday, November 21, 2015

Day 325

What a grand day!  Marko took the kids to town for the day.  And I enjoyed some time all by myself.   It was refreshing.  I went to a local artisan's pottery shop and picked up some nice pieces.  I also met up with some friends and I received these amazing slippers!

My beautiful friend Simone is wildly talented.  Not only does she knit, but she hoops and even fire hoops, and she homeschools her two wonderful children.  I am so thankful for Simone and her talents.  I just love my new slippers.  They are so comfy, cozy and they have a suede bottom so I won't slip when I'm getting my tea in the morning!  Denise was also at the pottery shop and we came back to my place for a visit before she had to head out.

Later, I went to the Nearly New and found two pairs of pants and a top that I liked. It was ever so nice to shop without wondering what Levi was getting into.

Once I was back home I sat down with some cook books and looked up a few new soup recipes and then did a little colouring.  Such a relaxing and energizing kind of day!  Just what I needed!!

It was great to have the whole family come home again and hear about their adventures with daddy.

Another fun thing Marko and I have discovered...finally--is the at home date night.  I've read about it in articles before but just couldn't see how it would work for us.  But last night when Marko came home from work the kids had just started a movie so while they watched their show, we had our supper.  And it was fantastic.  It was so simple and yet so effective.  We had quiet time, just the two of us over supper.  We'll definitely have to get more home date nights into our schedule!

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