Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 327

So far the bedroom transition is going well.  This morning I came to the boys' room to find Sean changing Levi's diaper--I could get used to that! 

The rest of the morning has been really good.  The forecast was sounding pretty dreary for the day but this morning the sun was attempting to shine and the wind was warm so we went for a walk around the block.  It was fantastic!  It was great to feel the wind on your face and watch the leaves dance in the yard. 

Once we had finished playing outside we came in for poetry and tea time.  Sean and I took turns reading different selections. Always have to read the favourites as well as try out a few new pieces.

We worked on our math and did our map skills pages.  I read more from The Tale of Despereaux and we did our history sketches.  This afternoon after quiet time we'll watch a Planet Earth video and draw a narration picture and we're going to try out our Planet Earth game. And I think it's finally time to take down the birthday decorations. This means that we'll probably be playing some balloon games as well. So glad to be enjoying our homeschooling day together.

 Leaves dancing.

Kids in various stages of climbing the Maple tree.

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