Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day 332

Enjoyed a great family fun day.  Marko and the boys got their hair cut this morning while I puttered around the house tidying up and getting things ready for our outing to see the Christmas parade in Charlottetown.

The kids were very excited to see the parade.  We went to our usual spot in front of the Maritime Christian College.  I love that the students set up tables and offer yummy hot chocolate.  This was Levi's first Christmas parade and he seemed to enjoy it.  His favourite things to see were the dirt bikes.  He kept calling out, "Bike! Bike!"

Afterwards Marko dropped me off at the Swiss Chalet while he took the kids home.  I met up with Tammy, Karen and Jennie for our annual Festive special and Christmas party.  It was a fun evening full of food, fun, gifts and lots of laughter.  My kind of way to end the day.

We drew names for the gift exchange.  This is what Tammy got me.  I love it!

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